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1. The correct office furniture.

Invest in well-designed workstations and ergonomic office chairs, which in turn promote productivity and reduce fatigue and discomfort. Modern and stylish office furniture not only looks great but can really have a positive impact on staff performance. If workstations are poorly designed, dated and uncomfortable to work at, staff are likely to feel unmotivated.

2. Office lighting makes “a world of difference”.

Incorporate full-spectrum lighting that mimics natural daylight as much as possible, replacing traditional fluorescent office lights that can cause headaches. Our eyes respond better to artificial light that closely replicates the intensity and range of colours found in natural daylight, and as such eye strain and tiredness are reduced.

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3. Keep it fresh!

Ensure that fresh air is circulating in the office to prevent the build-up and spread of germs and bacteria, and also to prevent fatigue. A hot, stuffy office reduces productivity and whether incorporated into an air conditioning system, introduced manually as a fresh air supply, or through opening a window, fresh air is absolutely essential to a highly productive office.

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4. Bring the outdoors inside.

There have been countless studies that have concluded that applying elements of the natural world to working spaces promotes calmness and relaxation. Whilst employees are required to work it is absolutely essential that the work environment decreases stress wherever possible. Planters, living walls, graphics, images and raw, natural products stimulate people and keep them grounded.

5. Encourage collaboration and teamwork.

For any business, getting employees to engage in conversation, help one another and to share information is crucial, improving productivity. Well-designed breakout areas allow employees to come together more informally than in a meeting room, which boosts communication, creativity and initiative, along with a stronger “team” ethic. Many companies now immerse themselves in providing spaces that are highly informal, bright and colourful, where staff can socialise and meet in groups for open discussion.

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Keeping your employees happy and healthy, with a productivity induced working environment is a must. Why not try these simple steps to reduce absenteeism and stress, and promote hard work!  Here at Office Changes, we can help you.

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