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LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting has a lot of advantages in the workplace. They now last longer than ever before and are essentially maintenance free, are brighter, with excellent light distribution, and are eco-friendly in both their construction and energy usage.

LED lights are very eco-friendly…

LED lights to use, on average, less than half the energy of traditional office lighting, which both substantially reduces an organisations carbon footprint, as well as their running costs. They are built without any harmful metals such as lead and mercury, which are common in other forms of typical office lighting. When, eventually, a fitting needs replacing, the original is fully recyclable.

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Other running cost savings…

LED lights emit only a small fraction of heat, despite producing a powerful light source. Traditional office lighting generates a lot of heat and this simply places additional pressure, particularly in the summer, on the air conditioning system which, in turn, increases running costs.

Built to last…

In the long run, LED lighting is more affordable than any other types of office lighting. For example, on average, a modular office LED light panel will last around 10 years, free of any maintenance! LED light fittings have sturdy components and can withstand many conditions. They are also resistant to shock, vibrations and external impact as well.

LED Lighting | Office Refurbishment | Sussex | Surrey | Hampshire | London | Kent

Does LED lighting help with productivity?

LED light panels, for example, largely have a very positive impact on the productivity in the office environment. They are particularly popular within clerical office spaces as they produce a well distributed, high-quality light source, with reduced glare or flickering, which helps prevent eye strain and migraine style headaches.

If you would like to get any more information about how LED lighting might be applied to your offices, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be delighted to offer advice.

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