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Has the term “agile working” got you thinking about introducing this way of working to your business?

Designing an agile working environment will help benefit both the business and employees. By creating different zones within the office, allows your employees the freedom to work where, and however they want, enabling all work to be completed efficiently.

Harc Meeting Booth & Media Wall | Agile working | Office Furniture | Meeting Booths | Bespoke Furniture | Sussex | Surrey | Hampshire | Kent What are the benefits of agile working?

The main reason agile working has become a popular way of working is that it allows employees to work in a space or area that they feel comfortable in, improving productivity, allowing employees to do their job with maximum flexibility. It may be necessary for some businesses to be sat at a desk all day, but if you can help it, introducing agile working to your business, will be very beneficial.

Other employee advantages for agile working, may include:

  • Improves staff morale
  • More freedom
  • Increases staff collaboration
  • Removes the hierarchy within the office

Advantages for the business:

  • Reduces tardiness
  • Increases employees commitment to the company
  • Higher employee engagement


Flexible working

There are many benefits employees when it comes to flexible working. Giving employees the opportunity to work around personal life that suits their individual needs, will only want people to work for your business even more.

Other benefits for employees:

  • Money saving – commuting to work less in the week will save money, either being spent on public or own transport
  • Working with your strengths – whether you’re a morning or afternoon person, having the option to work when you want, will help you approach your job in a positive way

However, the question you may be looking for is, “but how does this benefit the business?”

  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Improves retention – people are less likely to leave the company, as employees feel more valued and appreciated when you’re willing to schedule work around them
  • A higher number of people are likely to apply for jobs for your company
  • May reduce overheads – hot-desking environment, no need for lots of furniture

If you are thinking of introducing agile or flexible working to your business, get in touch today. Office Changes can help you create an office design that will benefit both the businesses and employee needs.