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Employees that work in an office environment, spend the majority of their time sitting behind their desk without having regular breaks. Some employees have even admitted to eating their lunch whilst working at the same time.

Office Changes know that having a breakout area is a vital part of the office. It provides a place for employees to move away from their desk and engage in conversation. It helps to increase productivity, it also helps increase creativity and a solid work ethic,  all important factors for a business to keep moving forward.

Here are some reasons as to why having a breakout area is best for your business…

A space for your clients…

When meeting with clients, not everyone wants to talk in a standard meeting space. Allowing your clients to have the choice of talking either in a more serious or relaxed environment shows that your business is flexible and helps your clients to feel more comfortable and welcome.

Breakout Area | Breakout Furniture | Soft Seating | Office Design | Sussex | Surrey | Hampshire | London | Kent

Engaging with one another…

For any business, getting employees to engage in conversation, help one another and to share information that is important to do. Breakout areas allow employees to come together informally, which boosts communication and creates a stronger working team.

It actually makes employees want to work…

It may sound silly, but having an area where employees can switch off for a little bit does make them work harder. Taking a short break and providing a sustainable place that improves staff performance.

If you want help or advice to create the perfect breakout area, the Office Changes team can help you.

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