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Use the natural light you have…

Glass partitions are an excellent way to segregate a workplace whilst maintaining as much of the natural light transfer through a building as possible. They also allow for the division of the office environment in a way that maintains an overall feeling of space, unlike solid walls and partitioning, which provide for a more defined division and breakdown of a given area and block the transfer of natural light.

One of the most popular aspects of modern glazed partitions is its ability to satisfy both sides of a long-standing argument…

Is a team of people more efficient and productive when segregated, reducing distractions, and improving concentration, or does a team function better with a more interactive, open plan approach?

Specifying, for example, frameless glass partitions, doors, and vinyl manifestations, helps bridge both sides of the argument, providing segregated, more private spaces for managers and meetings, whilst never really removing these individuals from the team environment, like eye contact and overall visibility between the different zones is maintained.

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Is glass partitioning private?

One of the biggest advances in recent years is the development of acoustic glazed partitions, complete with acoustic glass doors. There are now frameless double glazed partitioning products available that can closely match their solid counterparts in terms of acoustic integrity, allowing for all-glass office installations that offer an impressive level of privacy, along with a fantastic appearance.

Plus, lip readers beware… the vinyl manifestation installations on glass partitions are equally important and in private areas it is highly advisable to ensure the design at least partially obscures visibility into, if not out of, space.

Of course, glass partitioning’s primary selling point is its modern, uninterrupted, bright appearance, particularly the frameless systems that include glass doors. The products available are versatile, with a variety of exciting options, and are easy to configure and install.

What is the cost like?

Well, every office environment is different of course, and do not forget that once you start installing partitioning, of any kind, you will no doubt create, alterations that are then necessary to the office lighting, power, air conditioning layout etc. So, make sure you discuss your ideas with an experienced office refurbishment contractor and space planner. Glass partitioning prices, however, more than hold their own, in comparison to solid partition alternatives.

If you would like more information on a specific glass partition product, then get in touch today and we should be delighted to offer some free advice.

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