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Sven’s new expertly crafted HiRise desk finally allows for an attractive, affordable and adjustable desk solution. No longer will individual needs be met by permanently hoisting desks onto wooden blocks, books or similar!

We are not all the same…

Look around your workplace and you will see how much people vary in height. Traditionally desks are always 730mm high, which whilst working for the majority, does not suit everybody.

Our bodies are not designed to sit for long periods of time so the ability to adjust your desk position and vary your posture is healthier, reduces stress and fatigue and has been said to reduce reportable back pain. Naturally, this subsequently leads to a person being more productive.

Height Adjustable Desks | Sit-Stand Desks | On Trend Office Furniture | Office Desks | Sussex | Surrey | Hampshire | Kent

The HiRise electronic height adjustable desk offers total flexibility in the workplace. At the touch of a button, the desk glides quickly, smoothly and near silently between sitting and standing positions. The four height memory function and digital display make it simple to use and the option of single or double bench desks allow for many configurations within the workplace.

Height Adjustable Desks | Sit-Stand Desks | On Trend Office Furniture | Office Desks | Buttons Controls | Sussex | Surrey | Hampshire | Kent

Designed with durability in mind as much as flexibility, the HiRise features sturdy steel frames ensuring maximum stability at any height with anti-vibration top mountings. Anti-collision programming guards against accidental injury and damage too. They look damn good too!

If you would like more information on the next generation of sit-stand desks, please get in touch today.

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