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There has been plenty of discussions as to whether hot-desking is a good or bad idea for the workplace. Hot-desking is usually more on trend with high activity based working environments. With hot-desking employees don’t have to stick to one desk and are able to have the choice of where they want to work. This type of trend is good for creating space but does it really encourage people to keep working?

We have put together some pros and cons as to whether hot-desking is a good or bad idea…

The Pros

Employee engagement

Hot-desking gives employees the chance to collaborate with one another, allowing everyone to feel more comfortable in the working environment. The more people can engage with each other, the more of a stronger team you will have.


If your business is fast-paced and people are always in and out, hot-desking is probably one of the best solutions. There is no point in allocating a desk for each person if they’re not there all the time.

Space efficiency

Hot-desking, not only saves you space but also saves you money. Having fewer desks, you can put money it to the business where it is needed the most. With hot-desking, you will need to invest in the right technology, both hardware, and software, so people can book out desks each day, allowing it to run as smoothly.

The Cons

Your health

When employees have a designated space in an office they are able to tailor their furniture to how they feel most comfortable. With hot-desking and the idea of moving around all the time, you’re unable to adjust to the furniture appropriately, which may cause problems in the long run.

You can’t personalise your desks

Some businesses don’t allow you to personalise your desk and have a clear desk policy. If staff are constantly on the move, they can’t make the desk feel like it’s theirs, which can make people feel as if they don’t belong.

Departments/teams may be separated

If you are working as part of a team, but there are no desks nearby, it will make it hard for a team to work together if you are constantly having to get up and walk across the office. It may cause a lot of miscommunication and some people may feel isolated from the team they are in.

It is difficult to say whether hot-desking will work for your business or not if you need any help or advice, Office Changes can help space plan your office to make sure that all needs have been taken into consideration.

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