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Before the days of using your computer for almost everything, the typical image of a working desk would be mounds of paper, odd bits of stationery dotted around and personal items placed on the end. However, this view has very much changed. Today, many people use computers for the majority of things like; accounts, correspondence, and any other business related tasks, which means no more piles of messy paper on the desks, allowing for more space.

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Evolving office design…

If you are struggling to get more desk space, an easy solution would be to remove any existing bulky computer stands and replace them with monitor stands that have adjustable arms, which would help to gain a lot more space and have an overall aesthetically pleasing look.

Monitor’s arms are handy pieces of equipment to have in the office, these items are following the evolution of office design and will continue to do so.

Better for the body and mind…

Those days of straining your neck and having to move around adjusting to a fixed monitor have gone. With these adjustable arms, you are able to change the height, depth, and the angle. These monitor arms are an easier way to help gain more order and efficiency, whilst helping to improve your posture.

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No more unnecessary clutter…

The biggest difference that monitors arms make is getting rid of the unnecessary mess that is on your desk. Monitor arms, immediately help you gain space underneath the computer screen, allowing you to use that space more efficiently.


Not only do the monitor arms allow you to change the height, depth, and angle. Many monitor arms allow you to change the monitor from landscape to portrait. You are able to change the screen to any working style.

If you are looking for ways to improve desk space, and need help to find the perfect quick fix. The Office Changes team can help you.

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