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The environment is immensely important to us at Office Changes. Here are 4 simple ways that you can be kind to it in the office:-

Reduce, reuse & recycle…

Reduce your use of paper products. Ensure all photocopying and printing is produced in a double-sided format. Send documents electronically and encourage recipients to not print them. Use one-sided redundant documents as scrap paper before recycling. Shred and recycle confidential papers. Provide recycling stations for various recyclable goods with clear notices for what is expected of employees.

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Reduce power usage…

Power is constantly in use in an office environment. Install motion activation sensors on lighting circuits to ensure light sources only activated in parts of the building being used. Encourage staff to turn off appliances not in constant use and at the end of the day to fully shutdown computers, monitors and office equipment.

Use energy efficient lighting…

If you haven’t already changed to LED lighting, look to do so! LED lighting is far more energy efficient than traditional office lighting, with considerably lower running costs. LED lights produce a powerful light source, last up to ten years without any maintenance and, at the end of their life, are eco-friendly to dispose of.

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Bring the outside in…

Apart from the process of helping with oxygenation, plants absorb pollution from the local environment. The presence of plants also promotes the notion of bringing the outside in, along with the calmness and purity it provides. At Office Changes, we believe the promotion of the environment is key to a balanced office workspace.

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If you would like any other tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint, and on promoting the protection of our environment, please do get in touch and we should be delighted to offer advice.

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