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With regards to the current situation, a lot of businesses are having to work remotely. Businesses are having to think fast, think about how this is going to work with all the technology, how will the business still run smoothly and of course, put a lot of trust in their employees to continue to work, to complete what they can.

We have come up with ways to help your staff stay productive while working from home:-

  1. Choose a sensible place to set up your workstation

Many people think this may be their chance to work from their bed, however, this will only cause a decrease in your productivity. Some people may already have a home office, but for those who have not, set up in an area, with plenty of natural light, preferably at a dining room table, something that is a similar height to a desk will help and make sure you can keep a good posture.

  1. Stick to your daily routine

Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you should fall out of your daily routine, stick to it. Get up as if you’re still heading to work, eat your breakfast, clean and get changed for the day. You will feel more prepared and ready to start your day.

  1. Keep the communication flowing

Set up a Skype chat or WhatsApp group to keep in contact with your colleagues, it’s a great way to stay connected if you need help with what you are working on, plus you won’t feel as alone. If you have more pressing matters to deal with, using Facetime or other forms of video calls for face to face chat may work better.

  1. Plan your day

Writing out a plan for the day, keeps your mind focused on what needs to be completed. Think about the most important tasks and set aside a good amount of time for them to be completed.

  1. Remove all distractions

Being at home makes it easy to put the TV on or scroll through your phone. Find a place in the house, where you can keep yourself away from these, put your phone on to silent or leave it in another room and only check it when you’re having a break.

  1. Move around

Carry on your day as you would at work, make sure you take regular breaks away from the screen. Go for short works to get some fresh air. This will only help you feel clearer and ready to carry on working.

With these simple tips, we hope that working from home, you have managed to get your tasks done.