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Businesses are really trying to keep their employees engaged, improve productivity, and morale, by creating a flexible workspace. At Office Changes, we understand the importance of office design and how it can affect your employees.

Here are our top 5 office design trends…

Open plan offices…

Open plan offices have become increasingly popular. However, some people hesitate when an open plan is mentioned, due to the fact that there might be an increase in noise levels. Employers are always looking for ways that increase collaboration but without affecting the performance, or productivity of their employees. Open plan is the perfect option for businesses that want this.

With over 17 years’ experience, we have come across this many times before. We can help assist you with choosing the correct soft furnishings, acoustic barriers, partitioning and flooring that will help to stop any potential noise that may interfere and disrupt employees’ from working in an open plan office space.

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Sit-stand desks…

Any employee that works in an office environment knows that sitting at a desk for 8 years a day is not only difficult but is unhealthy. It can also be very difficult to keep motivated when you really need to get up and stretch your legs. Sit-stand desks are a great piece of office furniture that allows you to get up and change your posture whilst continuing to work.

Non-permanent layout…

With modern offices, flexibility is key. As businesses grow, shrink or restructure, each office space can be used differently, and open plan office spaces can be configured as a hot desk environment, meaning employees are to change their view at any time.

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Breakout areas…

Having a breakout area is a vital part of an office, it provides a place for employees to move away from their desk and engage in conversation. A short break absolutely helps to increase productivity, but it helps increase creativity and a strong work ethic, which are all important to have a business to keep moving forward.

Bringing the outside in…

Adding natural elements to the workplace is another trend that has become increasingly popular. From natural products to living walls, indoor water features, and rooftop gardens. Being around plants and natural products helps employees feel calm, happy and relaxed.

If you’re looking to redesign your office space and need any help or advice, the Office Changes team can help.

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