Workplace Wellness


Many people nowadays are juggling demanding jobs, family life, and other daily commitments. This has led to an increase in work stress and related mental health issues like depression and anxiety, alongside physical conditions such as high blood pressure and migraines. These conditions can cause employees to take extended periods of time off work, which will have an obvious negative effect on productivity and profits within any business. It is therefore vital that all business owners do what they can to provide employees with a safe, healthy working environment and take steps to protect their physical and mental wellbeing. With this in mind, here are some of the key ways that your office can affect wellness in the workplace.

1. Location

The location of your workplace is very important. You should look for an office that is easily accessible, has ample parking for staff, and good public transport links. This means that your employees will arrive at work on time and feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to start a productive day. You should also look for an office that has a selection of restaurants, shops, and cafes within easy walking distance. This will encourage your staff to go out during their lunch break to pick up food or just get some fresh air. It is extremely important that you encourage employees to take a break from their computers and workstations during lunch and other breaks. This will allow them to relax and refocus ready for the next working session. Choosing a central office location like Mayfair, for example, is also likely to have a positive effect on employee satisfaction and morale. This is because employees will enjoy working in such a beautiful, affluent area and will have easy access to some of the city’s best shops, bars, and restaurants.

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2. Clutter

A cluttered working environment can have several negative effects on productivity including – creating feelings of stress and anxiety, making it difficult to find office equipment, and causing illness from a buildup of germs and bacteria. In one study on workplace organisation, 40 per cent of employees admitted that an untidy workplace makes them less productive, and 25 per cent said that a messy colleague would affect their productivity. Whereas, employees working in a clean, organised environment are far more likely to feel happy, motivated, and focused on their work tasks. Here are some simple ways to maintain a clean, organised office:

  • Try to reduce the need for paper in the office by storing documents electronically on the cloud. This will also reduce your carbon footprint and help minimise environmental harm.
  • Encourage your employees to keep a clean workstation and tidy desks at the end of each day. Perhaps offer incentives and rewards to your staff with the most organized desks.
  • Don’t allow clutter to build up in the workplace. Make sure you put empty cardboard boxes and packaging straight into the recycling and be careful not to leave obstructions in walkways that will cause tripping hazards.
  • Regularly wipe down and disinfect keyboards, computers, desks, and phones.

3. Comfort

Your employees are likely to spend at least eight hours a day in the office, so it’s extremely important that they are comfortable during this time. Make sure that you supply your employees with quality chairs that provide the correct level of support. Remember that employees who are sat comfortably will be far more motivated and focused on their work. On the other hand, uncomfortable employees are likely to be distracted and may suffer pain and injury over time, leading to time off work. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to increase comfort levels in the office. For example, provide employees with support for their hands, wrists, and forearms, and offer footrests.

4. Decor

When designing your office interiors, try to choose soothing colours like blue and green. These shades have been shown to boost productivity in the workplace. Giving the walls and ceilings a fresh coat of white paint is a quick and easy way to instantly make your office appear bigger and brighter. Bringing some nature into the office is another fantastic way to boost employee wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Plants play an important role in positive working environments and many studies have shown that spending time in nature reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. Plants will also clean and re-oxygenate the indoor air, thus improving the air quality of your workplace. Bring some greenery into the office by adding some outdoor plants, displaying beautiful flower arrangements, or getting a small water feature for the office.

Try these useful tips to create a healthier working environment and instantly boost employee wellbeing and productivity in the workplace.

This blog is written by Ruby Clarkson.