The environment is immensely important to us. From the outset of any project, we review the impact that our designs and construction processes are likely to have on the environment. Aiming to provide practical, socially acceptable and economical, sustainable office fit-outs for our clients.

Many organisations, of course, have an embedded Environmental Policy of their own. When this is the case we take their own objectives, couple them with our experience in the field of fitting out and ensure the refurbishment or new building being relocated to delivers accordingly.

Environmental advice

Our construction processes are also monitored very closely so that all hazardous wastes are appropriately disposed of. All waste materials and packaging are recycled as much as possible, and installations are conducted using resources efficiently. 

The choice of which new materials and fittings to use in any refurbishment is also immensely important. Appearance and practicality are always key, but there are nearly always solutions that meet the criteria, with the added benefit of having been manufactured from sustainable resources and/or with lower running costs.

Where possible we encourage clients to “bring the outdoors in” in our designs and further awareness. The Office Changes team feel that the environment is not just something to protect but to celebrate.