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Glass partitions, in particular, frameless constructions, are an excellent way to segregate the workplace where natural light is at a premium. They allow for the necessary division of the office environment whilst maintaining an overall feeling of space and openness. Glass, in its own right, is an architectural design feature in any office design. Alongside its modern, airy appearance, glass partitioning is highly versatile, with a variety of practical options.

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When specifying your glass partitions there are three primary factors to balance – appearance, acoustic integrity and, of course, budget. The cheaper glass partition options are the modular framed type. They are also some of the better performing products in terms of sound privacy. Frameless partitions, however, look more sleek and modern but, certainly with glass doors included, will almost certainly cost more than their modular framed counterparts. Acoustically frameless partitions cross the whole range. The single glazed versions have a midrange performance, but the top of the range double glazed frameless glass partitions, with double glazed acoustic doors, have remarkably impressive sound reduction qualities.

 Our service is comprehensive, with quick initial budget costs, detailed site surveys, exciting designs, technical drawings to impeccable, lasting installations. Office Changes has worked on a variety of glass partitioning projects in the South East and London areas. 

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