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Office Changes takes pride in the finish and quality of our work; it’s what brings clients back to us and it also generates personal interest from our clients. Consequently, we are often asked to carry out works at clients’ homes in addition to our commercial projects. We are therefore incredibly proud of our residential refurbishment division Home Changes.

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We already have a great deal of experience in a wide range of structural and non-structural residential projects. Whether you wish to carry out a complete renovation of a dwelling, convert a garage or loft space or construct a new kitchen, Home Changes can help. We bring with us the same high standards and quality of finish that you would expect from a company which takes personal pride in satisfying discerning commercial clients. We are committed to completing all projects safely and promptly, whilst always respecting the fact that the site may also be your home. When necessary we manage projects carefully ensuring there is minimum disruption to you and your family.

We are partnered with Building Control which provides you with the welcome benefit of being able to fast-track the Building Control process, something that can be otherwise lengthy and time consuming, whilst also giving you peace of mind that your project comes with all of the required paperwork and certification.


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