Office Changes supplies an extensive variety of high quality, stylish and robust bench desks to suit any works style and all budgets. Our flexible range of single and double-sided benches can be used for many applications and ensure optimal use of available floor space. Some options can be to have lockable sliding tops to make managing cable connections easier, whilst another option is to have central power towers to route cables neatly from floor boxes. Cable management through bench desks is a primary selling point and, configured correctly this range of product helps to create an orderly and uncluttered working environment.

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Dividing screens can also be used to indicate separate workspaces and these can further include accessory bars or integral slats, enabling flat screen monitors or office accessories to be mounted on the actual desk workspace. Benches can easily be extended by simply adding extra components and come in a wide range of laminate, timber and high gloss lacquer finishes.

Naturally, we can tailor a wide array of matching storage and complementary furniture items to suit all individual specifications, as well as having a bespoke design capability, where necessary.

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